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Tunnel by MRRK

I could watch this forever, but the music stressed me out so I had to turn it down.

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Marshmallow creme has made it’s way into my line up of sweet treats I MUST try and create!

I’ve also found versions where you can sub out the corn syrup and sugar for honey, or homemade simple syrup and add it (without heating) to the egg whites.  I’ll have to find out…

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Watch the new MARCEL THE SHELL WITH SHOES ON Video | Videogum

There’s a new one?! Alas, why am I at work right now?

God I love these.  


The Goose That’s In Love With a Man

According to the video, there’s a goose in Echo Park (in Los Angeles) that inexplicably fell in love with an older man who visits the park regularly. Not only does the goose wait for the man to arrive, and follow him around at the park, but it also tries to follow him home each day. 

Proof of reincarnation, right?


For Valentine’s Day, we tested out some Chinese aphrodisiacs: Deer Antler, Shark Fin Soup and Bird’s Nest Soup. You figure they’ve got to at least kinda work—how else did China end up with so many people?

These guys are my heroes.